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  • Bardock: not realy griffel,they are pretty OP
    Today at 11:18:53 AM
  • Shiro: Shut up Griffel
    Today at 11:15:25 AM
  • Bardock: my teacher too but i dont see that happening
    Today at 11:15:18 AM
  • Bardock: not realy
    Today at 10:43:08 AM
  • Majin Coo: I think I missed something
    Today at 10:41:13 AM
  • Kiyza: G'night.
    Today at 10:37:51 AM
  • Kiyza: Word of advice: if you like having free time, don't take a science major.
    Today at 10:37:32 AM
  • Kiyza: Just figured I'd poke my nose in. I really just needed to fire up my computer and scan a comic so I could use it as art reference.
    Today at 10:36:52 AM
  • Bardock: good night.
    Today at 10:36:34 AM
  • Kiyza: Anyway, I need to sleep.
    Today at 10:36:22 AM
  • Nia: Sounds like it's more of a lunch-line simulator than an MMO so far.
    Today at 10:34:39 AM
  • Bardock: always full
    Today at 10:34:13 AM
  • Bardock: im in que
    Today at 10:33:51 AM
  • iCpryde: Bardock you logged in bro!
    Today at 10:33:32 AM
  • Steven: That's rude.
    Today at 10:32:32 AM
  • Steven: Why are you calling Bardock a ****?
    Today at 10:32:25 AM
  • Bardock: gotcha.
    Today at 10:29:24 AM
  • Kiyza: The one with the most faggitry in it.
    Today at 10:28:49 AM
  • Bardock: you never know
    Today at 10:28:38 AM
  • Bardock: i know,but maybe she means another one
    Today at 10:28:23 AM
  • Nia: Fairly certain you can guess.
    Today at 10:28:03 AM
  • Bardock: wich?
    Today at 10:27:36 AM
  • Kiyza: Should be amusing to see where this thread goes.
    Today at 10:26:04 AM
  • Kiyza: Heh. ****s.
    Today at 10:23:24 AM
  • Bardock: stop asking! you new people are such impatient!
    Today at 10:18:37 AM
September 12, 2014, 01:23:53 AM by SonWest
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#FridaysWithDBOR number 1 has arrived!
How are you all doing?

#FridaysWithDBOR will be posted each week on Fridays (Duh  ::)), with the objective of being more in touch with each and every one of you, our community!
We will be posting whatever there is to show about the project, it could be pictures, videos, random news, announcements, what have you.

As you know, we are always at work and giving our hardest efforts to have a fully stable game.
Do you remember this place?

How many times did you and your friends battle these lovely monsters!?

PS: We are very aware the mobs' names are not translated, we just haven't care for that just yet, it's one of the less important things for now.

September 04, 2014, 12:35:58 AM by Luke[Dumke]
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If you didn't notice by now, the new home page went live, on the 1st of September.
As I felt like the previous home page, wasn't designed as nicely as i wanted it to be.
I decided to redesign it completely.

I also adjusted the url, as /main was kinda stupid.
so it's /home now.

You'll be able to see a little snapshot into what you can expect to see in DBOR, aswell as learn about the story of DBO, aswell as lot of other awesome information.

I feel as if it is alot more professional, and i put alot of hard-work into it this time around.
(This did NOT impact on the development of the server!)

If you have any of the old links, they will redirect you to the new.

Anyways, if you haven't seen it yet, here is the link to view it now.

New Home Page

If you can't remember what it looked like before, never saw it:
Spoiler for Hidden:
August 19, 2014, 01:10:50 AM by Luke[Dumke]
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You can discuss this announcement here:

Alot of users wanted to see accelerated flight, since we hadn't shown it in any of our videos or pictures before.
So here they are.

in other news, we have a new developer joining our team, @Jupeyy
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