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  • Today at 01:55:20 AM
  • Today at 01:55:11 AM
    fsliexe look at this weeks fridayswithdbor and you will see why we cant play. They are working on it bro.
  • Today at 01:36:07 AM
    what will you be race in game
  • Today at 01:23:22 AM
  • Today at 01:22:58 AM
    You can wait? Toooo bad you're gonna have to wait.
  • Today at 01:20:39 AM
    can somebody tell me when will i can play this game
  • Today at 01:18:31 AM
    there are a lot of servers but we cant play
  • Today at 01:18:11 AM
    we cant wait
  • Today at 01:18:08 AM
    when will we can play
  • Today at 12:28:39 AM
    There's a flash drive with the installer up my ass, feel free to reach in there and grab it
  • Yesterday at 10:56:20 PM
    From were can I dowload an play
  • Yesterday at 10:55:09 PM
    From were can I dowload an play
  • Yesterday at 10:30:43 PM
    obviously, im new here :p
  • Yesterday at 10:13:17 PM
    Hi hi /)^3^(\
  • Yesterday at 10:09:38 PM
  • Yesterday at 09:36:41 PM
    Kk, peace man =^-^=
  • Yesterday at 09:36:02 PM
    cya :D
  • Yesterday at 09:35:57 PM
    have basketball and atheltics tomoz
  • Yesterday at 09:35:50 PM
    anyways i gtg to bed
  • Yesterday at 09:35:40 PM
  • Yesterday at 09:35:22 PM
    Yeah, but if they fall on their backs you can see they legs and shit e.e Also, as sson as they open their backs up and the wings come out it scares me like crazy T^T
  • Yesterday at 09:34:34 PM
    i never actually new thats what a buteryflies body looked like
  • Yesterday at 09:33:53 PM
    the body is on the inside
  • Yesterday at 09:33:47 PM
    the only thing you see on a lady bug is the pokodoted back
  • Yesterday at 09:33:34 PM
    lol ladie bugs
Yesterday at 04:04:53 AM by Luke[Dumke]
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Hello!  :r_bigsmile:
First of all, I'd like to remind you that if you haven't signed up for the community forums now would be a great time to register, so that you don't miss any of our weekly updates and game discussion.

Anyhow, in our first week back, we've been able to work on the quest system.
The quest system, still currently under heavy development however.

That's all for this week.
Catch you all again, next week.  :r_conspicuous:
February 20, 2015, 07:56:58 PM by Luke[Dumke]
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Hello, we are back in action!  :r_rightsmil:
In case you didn't know, we were taking some time off due to unavoidable real life circumstances, And that's why we have been a little inactive on the project.
As stated in our last FridaysWithDBOR.

First of all, I'd like to remind you that if you haven't signed up for the community forums now would be a great time to register, so that you don't miss any of our weekly updates and game discussion.
Anyhow, since we weren't able to do any or much work during the hiatus, we only have a few things to show from before the hiatus.

Little Surprise.
We're sure, you know where this is!  :r_bigsmile:

After such great reception, we thought we'd post a few more pictures.

Just a little something after such a long hiatus.

Catch you all next week.  <3
January 09, 2015, 03:51:51 AM by West
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Hi there,
We've got a couple of news to tell you guys today!

First of all, we'd like to announce some of the features that will take place on the first stages of the tests.

What to expect:
  • First LVL Cap: LV38
  • Places/Maps availables: Starter maps (Yahhoi West/Kokkara, Franfran Desert and Porunga Rocks North), Karin Forest & City, Kame House, WestLands and WestCity.
    Other maps to be unlocked on updates with higher LVL caps! - Check the World Map!
  • Features: Pretty much what you remember about DBO. Flight, party, duels, guilds, friends, pets, TMQs, TLQs, etc.
    Find out more HERE on "Game" and "Gameplay" buttoms.

A LOT of pics of where you'll be playing!!!
Spoiler for Hidden:


Remember that this information could change at any point in the development process, but it's what we'd like to tell you for now!

  • Which stages will have the features on them? Most likely, all of the stages including the initial full release, however nothing is confirmed for now.
  • Will there be different level caps like there was on DBO? Our plan is to have level caps, yes.
  • Can't you just initially put LV70? I guess we can, but we believe going through LVL caps could make the game more interesting as it allows players to develop their characters more deeply in each of the max levels, for gears and events.

Secondly, we are announcing that we are going to slow down/stop our news for a while until Mid February because some of us are taking time off for holidays and vacations with our families and friends, aswell as others on the team are currently on exams on their colleges.

Meet us again on Mid Feb. when we'll start full speed ahead on the last period of the previous release development stage!

Best regards,
The DBOR Staff.
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