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December 13, 2014, 01:44:52 AM by SonWest
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Discuss this announcement here:

Hi guys, so some days ago we made a post about getting ideas for New things to put once the server is out.
There was a huge amount of replies and we read them all. However we only answered those who weren't too crazy, unlike: "I want Super Saiyan GOD"
I repeat once again, we will only start working on these once the server had it's full release. We don't promise to put all of them as we will figure it out along the way.
You can find all of the original ideas here:

So let's get to it.
Spoiler for Hidden:
  • Duels getting a countdown before starting: It really isn't hard to do this. It's likely we'll look into it.
  • Shenron grants the wish of a Kid Clock (or simply making you a kid directly): It's in our power to do this, yes, we could. However we've yet to decide if we want to, we'll let you know in the future.
  • Reset Skills Books at NPCs sold by gold: As of current, we're still planning to keep the reset books, and the skill trainers the same, but how you will be getting the reset book will be changed, that's all we will tell you for now!
  • A walking mode besides the regular running mode:  Since hotkeys like Shift to run instead of walk have to be implemented and additionally walk animations aren't created yet, we have to say, from current position we will not implement it.
  • A marriage system: We wouldn't be sure how to display such thing. Maybe new tittles? But adding a ceremony and such might be a bit too complicated for now.
  • House system for each character: We believe it's
December 08, 2014, 01:59:50 AM by SonWest
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Discuss this announcement here:

So people, we have something you might just love!
Remember our A.M.A.s? Well, this time we'll do something very similar, a kind of Q&A.

We are here asking you what NEW things you would like to see in our servers that did not exist in the original DBO!
Maybe you've seen things in other MMOs that DBO just missed!
Only comments made on this thread will be taken in consideration, not on facebook.
We'll try our best to answer to all of your requests for next Friday, so you got time until then.
Keep in mind stuff like transformation "Super Saiyan 2" can't and won't happen because of DBO's original storyline (which you can find at our website)

Please remember the game is still under development, what we are asking here is just for us to consider after DBOR's full release.
We don't plan to start working on "new material" until we have a full release.
November 29, 2014, 04:53:16 AM by SonWest
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Discuss this announcement here:

Hi guys, guess what? We prepared a video for today!
Woooohooooo   :o
Let's just jump into it, and tell us on the comments what you thought about it, and what else you'd like to see!

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