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  • Today at 12:07:55 PM
    Filthy monkey. 8)
  • Today at 12:07:05 PM
    majin scum
  • Today at 12:06:16 PM
    Hey, I was never a Saiyan to begin with :P
  • Today at 12:05:51 PM
  • Today at 12:04:46 PM
    I'm with Evangi on this one XD
  • Today at 12:00:56 PM
    if Bardock wants you to sit down on his tear soaked matress,you sit your ass down on that tear soaked matress
  • Today at 12:00:29 PM
    that rule is incorrect
  • Today at 11:57:15 AM
  • Today at 11:51:45 AM
    since you are new, theres one rule you should never forget: if Bardock wants you to sit down on his tear soaked matress...RUN!
  • Today at 11:38:34 AM
  • Today at 11:38:10 AM
    Ty are they working on coming with it back out again?
  • Today at 11:35:13 AM
  • Today at 11:34:13 AM
    Hello I am new to this site.  Just recently found out about the shutting down of the game.  Loving the site though.
  • Today at 11:14:54 AM
    Tofu had to eat some tofu
  • Today at 10:35:05 AM
    Where is Tofu?  He was supposed to help me find the space duck today... T.T
  • Today at 10:34:41 AM
    Yeah, noticed. XD
  • Today at 10:34:06 AM
    forum is dead today
  • Today at 07:28:20 AM
    Thanks for reminding me that that thing exists :P
  • Today at 04:17:38 AM
  • Today at 04:17:00 AM
    can someone be a cool person and revive me in battle
  • Today at 03:47:14 AM
  • Today at 03:26:02 AM
    The release date is: In the future
  • Today at 03:22:14 AM
    Seems many have forgotten how dbo is played
  • Today at 03:16:48 AM
    The release date is
Yesterday at 12:18:36 PM by West
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Hi guys,
Just noticing we've been doing a lot of videos lately, hummm, :P

Anyways, lots of you asked for the starting quests and also wondered why we never show Majins, so... there you go ^_^

Just a quick reminder, if you are wondering why we don't show more quests: They are working perfectly fine but remember that this is just a tease, if we were up to showing every quest we'd never finish.

Other than that, I really don't think there's anything else to say but thanks for your support.

March 23, 2015, 04:14:58 AM by West
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Soooooorry :'(

Hi there!  :r_worried:
You may wonder why we took so long, a little over 2 days.  We've hit some hurdles.

Our time-zones are vastly different, which makes group coordination hard at times.
Once were all free and were able to record (it was already Saturday night), My ISP had Technical difficulties until Sunday afternoon, and Well here we are.

We hope that this video was worth it for you.
Enjoy the classic Platform!

PS: Bloopers will be coming out on my personal channel later this week  <3
March 12, 2015, 02:10:58 AM by Luke[Dumke]
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We're increasing the security on the website as we've had a few attacks in the last few months.
Expect some downtime of the site while they are being processed.

Downtime Anywhere between 30minutes-24 hours.
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