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  • Daneos: ok then its only german xD I thought it was english
    Today at 07:41:26 PM
  • Vroku: His craze
    Today at 07:35:33 PM
  • Luke[Dumke]: Never heard of that abbreviation
    Today at 07:16:40 PM
  • Luke[Dumke]: Makes sense.
    Today at 07:15:43 PM
  • Daneos: co = community and ma = manager xd
    Today at 06:52:47 PM
  • Vroku: So overall he doesn't know what English is.
    Today at 06:45:43 PM
  • lightflair: Pretty sure he wrote coma, like the status
    Today at 06:43:15 PM
  • Luke[Dumke]: Comma? or coma?
    Today at 06:36:25 PM
  • Daneos: u dont even know what a coma is
    Today at 06:20:03 PM
  • yhoho555: I think i need to be a community manager *^*
    Today at 04:45:33 PM
  • SantiHN: Just get him a Project Leader position too.
    Today at 03:14:14 PM
  • EsDeathSama: TheRock should be contributor
    Today at 02:05:39 PM
  • TheRock: he is late i'm gonna sleep
    Today at 02:03:24 PM
  • EsDeathSama: omg run run run THE BUNNY is here ! live !
    Today at 02:02:17 PM
  • TheRock: you need to kiss the peoples champ ass !
    Today at 01:59:21 PM
  • Vroku: You all need a bit of Jeff Hardy
    Today at 01:58:35 PM
  • TheRock: db : xenoverse is comming out lol even so i can make my own dbo , bardick lmao
    Today at 01:57:44 PM
  • Bardock: lol
    Today at 01:57:29 PM
  • EsDeathSama: Bardock* sorry xD
    Today at 01:55:50 PM
  • EsDeathSama: i dont care just stay away from Bardick
    Today at 01:55:35 PM
  • TheRock: do you really think i give a crap about DBOR ?
    Today at 01:53:31 PM
  • EsDeathSama: everyone will hate you when dbor release lol
    Today at 01:52:31 PM
  • TheRock: no you're wrong Jabroni !
    Today at 01:50:46 PM
  • Mikecw: [link]
    Today at 01:48:00 PM
  • TheRock: no you're wrong Jabroni !
    Today at 01:47:29 PM
November 21, 2014, 10:14:38 PM by SonWest
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Discuss this announcement here: last, how is school doing (or work)? Should be about to start vacations time!
Did you check out the artwork we got yesterday? A fan of ours made some artworks regarding some of our members' characters inside our servers!
Check the artwork here

Let's see what you think of today's pic and GIF! :D

Hanging with Roshi on a pretty night, careful ladies
What would you like to see? Since most of the community has already played DBO, it's a bit hard to keep showing entertaining/hype things, gives us your thought on what to show you!
Until next time, bye!
November 14, 2014, 12:47:17 PM by SonWest
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Discuss this announcement here:

What's up hommies?!

As we've noticed you liked quite a bit to see some skills, well, we got more :P
Oh and also, duels!! Jupeyy VS Dumke.
For a change of pace, we got a GIF aswell, works as a video... right? Hehehe

Sup with the santa hat?!
(Die squirrels, dieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee)
November 07, 2014, 11:07:48 PM by SonWest
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Discuss this announcement here:

Greetings guys,
So a lot of hype since last Friday with the Sneak Peek, hopefully you enjoyed it! In case you miss it go HERE to watch it again and again and again!!!

Today we got some nice pics, but hei, let's just jump into it, pics are worth thousand words ^^
(Thanks devs  ::))

Alright, 3 pictures instead of 2... lol.
Not much to say but... BUUURNING ATTAAAAAAAAAAACK!!!  8)
Oh and props for CCBD, have you ever defeated the level 150?
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