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  • Luke[Dumke]: Thanks, worked pretty hard on it
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  • Kiyza: Was that too much to ask for internet?
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  • Kiyza: I... I just wanted cute, fluffy fanart to brighten my mood.
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  • Kiyza: They're terrible people who don't understand what an age gap is. Or when there's such a thing as going to far. Or situations where shipping is not appropriate.
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  • Kiyza: Thank you Nia.
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  • Nia: There, there. *pats you on the back
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  • Kiyza: Someone hold me.
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  • Kiyza: While looking for cute fanart today, I found out how sick and messed up the Kirby fandom is.
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  • Tomlanji: 2SPOOKY4ME
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  • Jak: I just hope we eventually reach a point where feminism is treated the way it should be treated: irrelevant nonsense
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  • Jak: Nothing modern femenists do surprises me anymore.
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  • Mikecw: This gun be gud
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  • Vroku: Misread lol what a crazy picture
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August 19, 2014, 01:10:50 AM by Luke[Dumke]
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You can discuss this announcement here:

Alot of users wanted to see accelerated flight, since we hadn't shown it in any of our videos or pictures before.
So here they are.

in other news, we have a new developer joining our team, @Jupeyy
July 21, 2014, 01:23:36 PM by Luke[Dumke]
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You can discuss this announcement here:

Greetings all,

Here is the much requested Development Diary #2. This development diary is going to be fairly technical as we've been getting some technical questions about our core server and other development related topics on the forum and from the AMA. Hopefully it's not too boring to anyone.

At a high level, the server has two main parts: network and simulation (of course, there are others like the database, but let's ignore that for now).

For the network side, There is the network thread pool which handles all the connections and inputs from players, the simulation is the core of the game play. This is where the world, and all the game objects (players, npcs, and everything) are, as well as all the game logic.

The simulation consists of many subsystems, In our initial list, we have spec'd out more than 40 subsystems. From simple ones like inventory or mail, to more complex and heavy ones like collision detection. And I'm almost positive that there will be more as we go.

All these subsystems communicate with each other via events. Each type of events can be subscribed to. In our last sneak peek video where you see a simple combat, it was basically a test of a combat event flow among a number of subsystems.

Here is a quick step through on how different subsystems worked together in that example:
  • When the player starts an attack on a mob, it sends an event which the combat manager has subscribed for.
  • The combat manage
June 27, 2014, 12:50:26 PM by Luke[Dumke]
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Discuss this annoucement here:


Here is the update we promised.
We hope you like our preview, we pride ourselves on being the silliest Development team, around.

There will also be another AMA, following this video, tomorrow.
Have a good Day/Night.
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