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July 21, 2014, 01:23:36 PM by Luke[Dumke]
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You can discuss this announcement here:

Greetings all,

Here is the much requested Development Diary #2. This development diary is going to be fairly technical as we've been getting some technical questions about our core server and other development related topics on the forum and from the AMA. Hopefully it's not too boring to anyone.

Spoiler for Hidden:
At a high level, the server has two main parts: network and simulation (of course, there are others like the database, but let's ignore that for now).

For the network side, There is the network thread pool which handles all the connections and inputs from players, the simulation is the core of the game play. This is where the world, and all the game objects (players, npcs, and everything) are, as well as all the game logic.

The simulation consists of many subsystems, In our initial list, we have spec'd out more than 40 subsystems. From simple ones like inventory or mail, to more complex and heavy ones like collision detection. And I'm almost positive that there will be more as we go.

All these subsystems communicate with each other via events. Each type of events can be subscribed to. In our last sneak peek video where you see a simple combat, it was basically a test of a combat event flow among a number of subsystems.

Here is a quick step through on how different subsystems worked together in that example:
  • When the player starts an attack on a mob, it sends an event which the combat manager has subscribed for.
  • The combat manager starts the combat logic between the two objects. Each round of attacks it will fire off events that get sent back to the player like damages and LP/Lifepoints updates.
  • When the mob dies, an event is fired off again to indicate that the player has killed the mob.
  • The player manager that has subscribed to this event can award the player with experience point, while the drop manager that has suscribed to the same event can award the player a drop of money or, like, 7 dragon balls ;)
Similarly, the quest manager can subscribe to this event to update the player's quest progress (if killing this mob is part of a quest).

Having subsystems not only make things more manageable, it also makes it possible to have them running in parallel where we see fit. It also allows us to move a subsystem to a different process or a different host, which makes the server more scalable. For instance, the collision detection or the proximity manager might get overloaded as we get more and more players.

I'm not saying this design is perfect (and it definitely isn't), but this is what we've been working with. I'm sure our design will be broken, changed, and improved as we progress.

There are also things that we have implemented purely for development benefits. From simple things like auto login and auto character selection, to things like a special server mode which we can terminate the game server, make some code changes, recompile and restart, all that while the clients stay connected and without the need of restarting. Of course, some states of world are not preserved after a restart (not yet anyway since there is no point), but it does help a lot when testing various areas of the server.

This quick video demonstrates this:

The two players could see each other's movements, until the game server was stopped. Both clients stayed up without knowing what had happened. When the server was brought again, things were back to normal. You can also see how the npc's positions were resetted when the server was restarted, as their states were not preserved.

I'm also in the progress of writing up some test clients so we could do some early profiling and stress test, and I'll post a video of it when I get to it.

Apart from writing actual server code, we also need to do a lot of reverse engineering to see how the client work.

A lot of people think since now we all have the old client source code and libraries, it should be easy. Well, the old source code does help obviously. But the fact is a lot of the protocols, packet structures, data tables, etc have been changed. Some of them took us more time to work out.

Unsurprisingly, we have also found that even the TW client has a different build from the HK client in terms of protocols and packet structures, and they are incompatible with each other.

Meanwhile, the client will just crash if you send it just one byte (or bit) of incorrect data, and there is no easy way to debug without the source, assuming you don't count the assembler code as source ;) And since we are writing everything from scratch and not relying on any existing DBO/NTL's code, this makes the process a pretty long one.

To sum it up, our goal is certainly a big and an ambitious one, but we are happy with what we have done so far. And once again, thank you for the patience.

I would also like to say a few words about other DBO projects that's been going on. I personally think they are all great. And as a developer, there's nothing more exciting than seeing people taking interesting in programming. Different projects will have different directions and different ways of doing things, but ultimately we all share the same goal - bringing DBO back. I truly wish that we can all respect each other, respect each other's work, and respect the differences.

Well, I think that's all for now. I hope I can do more this kind of write up more often. If you have any questions, feel free to ask and I'll try my best to answer.

Thank you!
June 27, 2014, 12:50:26 PM by Luke[Dumke]
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Discuss this annoucement here:


Here is the update we promised.
We hope you like our preview, we pride ourselves on being the silliest Development team, around.

There will also be another AMA, following this video, tomorrow.
Have a good Day/Night.
May 28, 2014, 05:42:48 PM by Luke[Dumke]
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Development Diary #1

Discuss this announcement here:

We planned to do this sometime after our first release, but now it would be as good time as any considering all these "Dragon Ball Offline" shenanigans.

Basically in a development diary, we tell you about what we're currently up too, and bit more about our work. Which we've been quite hush hush about other then, what we're looking to do, currently.

Anyhow, first I'd like to address the "Dragon Ball Offline" excitement and confusion surrounding the project. So let's start by clearing things up shall we.

We were given this old client source (currently well known as the "Dragon Ball Offline" source), back in November last year. But we did not have the matching client data for it. You might remember one of our team members, Santeg asking for it on the forum. We then spent about 2 weeks or so modifying the source code so that it will work with a new version of client data. With this, we were able to create our own servers, one written by our developer Hexus in JavaScript for quick protocols and packets testing, and another server written by our lead developer Pigeon in C++. They all support logging in, characters creation, world roaming, and some basic skill use and combat, as shown in our earlier videos here and here.

Soon after we realized the limit of this old client being as old as it is. It is a pre-release client and most things were only used for beta testing only, hence it is unstable, and a lot of features and content are missing, e.g. Korin platform, new skills, pet/mascot system, dragon ball scramble event, and some never-released content.

As a result, we have decided to focus working with a more up to date and stable client instead, namely the the DBO TW/HK client that we all were using before DBO was officially closed. This can be seen here in our happy easter announcement (under the spoiler).

Spoiler for Easter Announcement:

As you can see in our few screenshots, we have flying working (and we have also made it not spending any AP just because we can). Our server has a working database, so accounts and characters created are all saved as well. We also have preliminary chat server working too.
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